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Moths are common in Melbourne. Moths are known to cause damage to items in a household. Importantly, they feed on dead cellulose. Hence, they feed on objects like papers, cardboard, pantry foods, clothes and leather. Moreover, there are a variety of moths found. For instance, there are pantry moths, cloth moths, brown house moths, cabbage moths and others. Hence, a professional moth control company can help you get rid of the moth infestation. I Pest Control Melbourne is a well-known moth pest control company in Melbourne. We have been providing our services for years now. And our clients trust our services when it comes to moth pests. Our moth control Melbourne team is highly experienced and skilled.  Moths like staying in dark and damp places. Hence, they are found in cupboards, under clothes and in attics. We will make sure to exterminate all the existing moths. Therefore, don’t delay if you are suspecting a moth infestation. Call our team today by calling our toll-free number 0488 851 508. We are available 24*7 for bookings and queries.  Moth Control Melbourne

Moth Control Professionals At Your Service In Melbourne

As a part of Melbourne, I Pest Control Melbourne offers the best moth control services which are applied in favour of our customer’s requests. Through customised methods and innovative technology, our moth control Melbourne practices became famous. Our solutions to your moth pest problems are eco-friendly and anti-allergic that give all-around satisfaction. The results of our services are amazing!  Our experts show their excellence in moth caterpillar control services by providing a solid treatment to your property as we have a solid foundation. As trained as we are, we treat your Melbourne property and proof it against future moth entry and their building up of infestations. We are always available on 0488 851 508 when you need our assistance in emergencies or for immediate bookings.

A List Of Different Moth Types And Their Infestation Signs 

Has your Melbourne property been under constant threat of moths and you do not know how to identify and differentiate them? Then, here is your answer that gets you out of your dilemma.  

Brown House Moths 

A common house moth that you find in every alternative residential property in Melbourne is none other than the brown house moth species. Varying from reddish brown to brownish grey body colours these moths have an average wingspan of 15 to 26 mm. Brown house moth larvae have white translucent bodies with brown heads and their body colour changes depending upon the food they intake. These feed on grains and leave their larvae cocoons, near or on food sources. They prefer living in hidden, dark and moist areas of your household. Thus, all you have to do is check for all the signs mentioned above to confirm the presence of brown house moths in your home. 

Mediterranean Flour Moth 

Mediterranean flour moths are a part of the Pyralidae family and are also called mill moths one is usually found in flour, grains and cereals. Moths like Mediterranean flour moths prefer living in temperate climates that have warm temperatures so that they can rapidly develop. Wherever there are warm places stored with grain products like bakeries and flour mills, these moths quickly breed over there. Moreover, if you find food resources like dried fruits missing from your storeroom then the culprits are Mediterranean flour moths. These species of moths empty your kitchen cabinets looking for food items or other insects to feed on.

Pantry Moth 

If you find a moth flying in your kitchen in an erratic and zigzag manner, then it is a sign of pantry moth infestations in your home. These species of moths generally feed on dried fruits, flour, grains, spices, rice, cereals, nuts, pasta and other seeds. Pantry moths have such a profound liking for dried fruits that businesses with dried fruit storage facilities face immense financial loss. These moths have adults with grey colour wings and tan bands on their wing tips. Pantry moths lay their eggs near food or on the food which in turn contaminates your food and causes you health issues. 

Case-Making Clothes Moth

Case-making clothes moths are most commonly known for their preference for damaging fabrics. Adults of this moth type have golden bodies with reddish-brown hairs on their heads. They are weak flyers and so light bulbs in your houses that give yellow light don’t attract them and usually, you find them in areas like the closet. People are usually confused about case-making moths with pantry moths as they frequently fly in their residential premises. If you have wool and cotton blend fabrics in your wardrobe then they become victims of these moths in no time. 

Luna Moth 

A common sign that makes your work of identifying Luna moths easier is that they are sea green to yellow with a long tail. You find them in deciduous woodlands and forestry areas, but they still get attracted to your places because of well-lighted areas. If you find a Luna moth with shades of light green, then recognise them as males and brighter green as females. Luna moths also have caterpillars that usually appear in lime green colour with reddish-orange spots on their bodies. You find these caterpillars if your gardens have wild cherry, red maple, hazelnut, willows, sweetgum and pecan trees. 

White Moth 

White moths go with their name by having overall white bodies with small black spots on their forewings. Sometimes, you notice their wing colour varying from creamy buff to even brown. Their caterpillars eat food plants such as docks, common nettle and a few other herbaceous plants. Having a habit of staying in urban and most rural areas, they build their habitats in hedgerows, woodlands, lawns, heathlands and grasslands. White moths are well-distributed throughout Melbourne in different numbers. Also, you find their hairy larvae among plant debris from July to September months of the year. 

Here Are The Major & Minor Damages Moths Cause

Moths can cause minor damage like attaching themselves to your lightbulbs and major damage to financial losses, experiencing food contamination, etc. Also, they create a nuisance by flying at your face and loudly flapping their wings during your sleep times. There are also many more major and minor damages moths are capable of causing you like the following ones: 
  • Moths Chew Upholstery: Moths are fond of fabrics and hence they start chewing up upholstery like couches, sofas, armchairs, lounges, etc. Moths Chew upholstery fabrics to such an extent that they are irreparable and the condition cannot be irreversible. 
  • Large-Scale Financial Losses: When moths attack those belongings at your property that are highly expensive, they face large-scale financial losses. Because this way you face 2 an 1 loss where you lose your belonging as well as cannot get them to their original form. 
  • Repeated Health Issues: Moths keep flying around you and seige your face leaving behind their dust on you to experience repeated health issues. Some of these repeated health issues can be allergic reactions, asthma and any other respiratory problems. 
  • Nuisance: As moths are nocturnal, they keep creating a nuisance during the night time of the day. This action of moths can even make you sleep-deprived for 3 days straight which makes you even more annoyed.
  • Damages In Wardrobe: One of the favourite spots for moths is a room with a wardrobe of a property as they can lay their eggs there. However, those moths that lay their eggs in turn damage your clothes with no return.

Take A Look At Our Three Step Moth Control Treatment

Are you unable to do anything even though moths are damaging your food storage rooms, clothing and carpets? Then, now is your time to look for us to avail our three-step moth caterpillar control treatment. You can even moth-proof your Melbourne property with the below three steps: 
  • Moth Inspection
Once moth infestations become an issue, you alone cannot tackle them. So, we as the No.1 professional moth control Melbourne team of management take everything into our hands. Our very first action against moths is to carefully inspect every nook and crook of your Melbourne property. 
  • Specific Chemical Treatment
After inspecting your property thoroughly, we move on to make a perfect moth treatment plan that follows-ups with special chemical treatment. Before starting the chemical treatment, we also educate customers about this step. We execute this step in areas with major to minor moth infestations in your property. 
  • Moth Prevention Advice
Slowly after specific chemical treatment is completed, we do prevention advice for the pantry, cloth, winter and carpet moths. This prevention advice involves even the use of insect growth regulators if there comes any necessity. Once we suggest the tips you would require in future, we do a post-inspection. 

We Maintain Balance By Offering Both Commercial And Residential Services

Looking at our moth control Melbourne team, you can notice how well we maintain the balance between commercial and residential places. We treat your place according to commercial and residential infrastructures with non-toxic solutions. Our services are also hassle-free for places like hospitals, restaurants and hotels.  If you book us exclusively for residential moth caterpillar control services, we come along with all the necessary equipment. For residential premise services, you can count on us for moth control treatment in dorms, schools, private homes, etc. However, if you are in desperate search of our carpet moth extermination for your carpet business store room, call us to book. If you want what other places we serve, call us for a quick enquiry! 

Right By Your Side To Provide Emergency Carpet And Home Moth Treatments

Operating for many years, we know in what ways we can help our clients out of their emergencies with home and carpet moth infestations. Yes, although moths don’t bite, they are capable of causing other direct and indirect damages. To resolve these moth problems, we offer great deals of home and carpet moth treatments as emergency services. So, count on our moth control Melbourne team!  We keep customising new ways and standards on how to do pest control carpet moths and home moths as soon as we reach your place. If you contact us for emergency services, you should know that we reach your place in the next 24 working hours to complete the treatment. Moreover, if your request requires immediate assistance we reach to do moth caterpillar control in just an hour or so. 

The Benefits Of Hiring Us For Moth Control Melbourne Services

Hiring us for moth control Melbourne services always benefits you because we do the right treatment after inspecting and finding an infestation. This infestation varies depending upon the moth type that entered your Melbourne property but we are always ready to do moth control services. A few of the benefits you avail on hiring our company are right here. 
  • Customer Support Care: Caring as we are, our experts are available 24/7 for customer support and answering their enquiries regarding any of our services. In fact, our customer support cares at the front desk is a team that is customer-friendly and polite. 
  • Control Agents Are Eco-Friendly: Despite the moth damages being great in number we use control agents that are eco-friendly to treat your place. Because we want to put your health and your properties health safe and sound with no more moths around you. 
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection And Control: If you recently purchased a new house in Melbourne then you can contact us for pre-purchase inspection and control. However, if we find no moth activity on your property then we charge you only for moths inspection. 
  • Melbourne Experts: Almost all of our moth control Melbourne team of experts are local and knowledgeable about Melbourne. We also categorised our Melbourne experts into different teams that readily avail emergency or same-day services. 
  • Company Recruit Certified Controllers: We are a company in Melbourne that is recognised for the recruitment of certified moth controllers after a thorough background check. In fact, we are a firm that is licensed, certified, verified and accredited in this industry. 
  • Treat According To Condition: Based on the condition moths put your place in with their infestations we treat your Perth property. Some of the treatments we offer according to the condition are carpet and pantry moths extermination services. 

Are You Not Exactly From Melbourne? You Can Still Hire Us! 

Yes, we also provide our moth caterpillar control services for suburbs near and far from Melbourne at the same prices as the ones in Melbourne. Throughout years of experience, our moth control Melbourne team have been dealing with moths in various areas of the city. Hence, we gained industry-wide expertise that gave us the ability to support both residential and commercial spaces.  Ensuring you with highly-trained moth controllers, you get a chance to come in contact with our well-knowledged experts. So, you can easily discover from us that our service offers and deals are available in Southbank, Kensington, Parkville, Carlton, etc. From the best suburbs of Melbourne to the safest and wealthiest ones, we open our bookings for every area, town and suburb of Melbourne. Thus, hire us! 

Why Choose Our Moth Control Services In Melbourne?

  • At our company, we provide efficient moth control services. Our services are highly reliable and provide desirable results.
  • We have the same day as well as emergency services as well. Hence, you can call us today to book the service.
  • We take pride in our skilled exterminators. We make sure to include only certified and verified professionals in our team. 
  • You will not be disappointed with our prices. We have highly competitive prices and upfront quotes available. 
  • Moreover, all our services are eco-friendly. They are completely safe for your family, kids and pets.


What is the best way to catch a moth infestation?

There is no such thing as the right way to catch a moth infestation as it depends on multiple factors. Those factors are the type of moth, level of infestation it created and areas of moth infestations. To know more details, you can contact our team.

Is there a DIY solution for moth control in house?

No, there is no right DIY solution for moth control in-house because it is hard to determine the moth type all on your own. Moreover, if your Melbourne property has more than a moth pest infestation, then it is impossible to gain desirable results with DIYs.

How long do I wait for you to complete the pantry moth’s extermination?

There is no such thing as hourly-based pantry moths extermination service. Hence, we let you know the estimated time of treatment completion and leave once the service at your property is done.

Should I be concerned if the property next to mine has moth infestations?

Yes, and it is always better to go for regular inspection if the property beside yours has moth infestations. In fact, you can also search for companies that provide moth inspection alone and avail of their assistance regularly.

Do you offer long-term moth control Melbourne services?

Yes, we do. In fact, all the moth control Melbourne services you avail from us are long-term. So, you are always welcome to be our regular clients for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual assistance from us. Contact us today!